Trinity College Dublin

Course Code Course Description Course Level
TR002 Music 8
TR003 History 8
TR004 Law 8
TR005 Philosophy 8
TR006 Psychology 8
TR007 Clinical Speech and Language Studies 8
TR009 Music Education 8
TR015 Philosophy, Political Science, Economics and Sociology 8
TR016 Deaf Studies 8
TR018 Law and French 8
TR019 Law and German 8
TR021 Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology 8
TR022 Early and Modern Irish 8
TR023 English Studies 8
TR024 European Studies 8
TR025 Drama and Theatre Studies  8
TR028 Ancient and Medieval History and Culture 8
TR031 Mathematics 8
TR032 Engineering 8
TR033 Computer Science 8
TR034 Management Science and Information Systems Studies 8
TR035 Theoretical Physics 8
TR038 Engineering with Management 8
TR039 Computer Science, Linguistics and a Language (French, Irish or Spanish) 8
TR040 Middle Eastern and European Languages and Cultures 8
TR041 Religion 8
TR042 Film 8
TR043 History of Art and Architecture 8
TR051 Medicine (HPAT required) 8
TR052 Dental Science 8
TR053 Physiotherapy 8
TR054 Occupational Therapy 8
TR055 Radiation Therapy 8
TR056 Human Health and Disease 8
TR060 Biological and Biomedical Sciences 8
TR061 Chemical Sciences 8
TR062 Geography and Geoscience 8
TR063 Physical Sciences 8
TR064 Environmental Science and Engineering 8
TR072 Pharmacy 8
TR080 Global Business 8
TR081 Business, Economic and Social Studies (BESS) 8
TR084 Social Studies (Social Work) 8
TR085 Business Studies and French 8
TR086 Business Studies and German 8
TR087 Business Studies and Russian 8
TR089 Business Studies and Polish 8
TR090 Business Studies and Spanish 8
TR091 General Nursing (Meath and St James`s) 8
TR093 General Nursing (Adelaide School of Nursing) 8
TR095 Mental Health Nursing 8
TR097 Intellectual Disability Nursing 8
TR111 Ancient History and Archaeology/Geography 8
TR112 Ancient History and Archaeology/History 8
TR113 Ancient History and Archaeology/History of Art and Architecture 8
TR114 Ancient History and Archaeology/Modern Language 8
TR117 Ancient History and Archaeology/Religion 8
TR166 Classical Civilisation/English Literature 8
TR173 Classical Civilisation/History of Art and Architecture 8
TR177 Classical Civilisation/Modern Language 8
TR179 Classical Civilisation/Philosophy 8
TR188 Computer Science/Business Studies 8
TR197 Economics/Computer Science 8
TR198 Economics/Geography 8
TR202 Economics/History 8
TR207 Economics/Mathematics 8
TR208 Economics/Modern Language 8
TR209 Economics/Philosophy 8
TR212 Economics/Sociology 8
TR214 Social Policy/Economics 8
TR228 Classical Languages/English Literature 8
TR230 Classical Languages/Linguistics 8
TR231 Classical Languages/History of Art and Architecture 8
TR233 Classical Languages/Middle Eastern,Jewish and Islamic Civilisations 8
TR239 Classical Languages/Modern Language 8
TR240 Computer Science/Geography 8
TR241 Computer Science/Linguistics 8
TR262 English Literature/History 8
TR263 English Literature/History of Art and Architecture 8
TR269 English Literature/Philosophy 8
TR272 English Literature/Sociology 8
TR276 English Literature/Drama Studies 8
TR277 English Literature/Modern Language 8
TR311 Film/Drama Studies 8
TR312 Film/English Literature 8
TR320 Film/Music 8
TR322 Geography/History 8
TR323 Drama Studies/Modern Language 8
TR324 Film/Modern Language 8
TR325 Film/History 8
TR326 Geography/Modern Language 8
TR328 Political Science/Geography 8
TR332 Geography/Sociology 8
TR443 History/History of Art and Architecture 8
TR447 History/Modern Language 8
TR449 History/Philosophy 8
TR454 History/Religion 8
TR455 History of Art and Architecture/Modern Language 8
TR457 History/Political Science 8
TR479 History of Art and Architecture/Philosophy 8
TR482 Sociology/History of Art and Architecture 8
TR485 Drama/History of Art and Architecture 8
TR547 Middle Eastern,Jewish and Islamic Civ./Ancient History and Archaeology 8
TR548 Middle Eastern,Jewish and Islamic Civilisations/Classical Civilisation 8
TR554 Middle Eastern,Jewish and Islamic Civilisations/History 8
TR563 Middle Eastern,Jewish and Islamic Civilisations/Modern Language 8
TR564 Middle Eastern,Jewish and Islamic Civilisations/Music 8
TR565 Middle Eastern,Jewish and Islamic Civilisations/Religion 8
TR580 Business Studies/Law 8
TR581 History/Law 8
TR582 Political Science/Law 8
TR587 Middle Eastern,Jewish and Islamic Civilisations/Linguistics 8
TR588 Linguistics/Modern Language 8
TR589 Linguistics/Philosophy 8
TR592 Sociology/Middle Eastern,Jewish and Islamic Civilisations 8
TR597 Mathematics/Modern Language 8
TR598 Mathematics/Music 8
TR599 Mathematics/Philosophy 8
TR629 Music/Philosophy 8
TR635 Music/Drama Studies 8
TR636 Music/Modern Language 8
TR638 Music/Religion 8
TR639 Philosophy/Modern Language 8
TR662 Philosophy/Sociology 8
TR663 Religion/Classical Civilisation 8
TR664 Religion/English Literature 8
TR665 Religion/History of Art and Architecture 8
TR666 Religion/Modern Language 8
TR667 French/Modern Language 8
TR668 German/Modern Language 8
TR669 Irish/Modern Language 8
TR670 Italian/Modern Language 8
TR671 Russian/Modern Language 8
TR672 Spanish/Modern Language 8
TR756 Sociology/Modern Language 8
TR757 Modern Language/Social Policy 8
TR758 Social Policy/Political Science 8
TR759 Sociology/Social Policy 8
TR801 Dental Nursing 7
TR802 Dental Hygiene 7
TR803 Dental Technology 7
TR911 Children`s and General Nursing (Integrated) 8
TR913 Midwifery 8