Renewal Applications

Renewal Applications

Renewing your Grant Application

You must renew your application for each year of your course. For example, if you held a grant from SUSI in 2022/23 and are continuing your studies on the same course in the 2023/24 academic year, SUSI will contact you by email to advise you to renew your grant application.

However if you have:

  • completed a previous course and are applying for a one year add on course for the current academic year 2023/2024 you will need to  make a new application. Example, you have completed a 3 year Level 8 course and are now applying for a 1 of a level 8 course.
  • decided to change your course, your college or are starting a new course you will need to make a new application.
  • previously deferred a year of your course and are now returning to continue your studies on the same course, you will need to make a new application.

How to Renew your Grant Application 

1. Apply

  • Log into your SUSI student portal using your username, password and pin number. If you have forgotten your username, password or pin number, reset them using the links provided. 
  • Select the “Grant Application” option and
  • Complete the renewal form and submit to SUSI. If you need any help completing your renewal application you can refer to Your Renewal Application Form Guide 2023/24.

2. Receive Response Letter from SUSI

Based on the information supplied in your application you will receive either

  • An Award letter if no further documentation/action required on your part. This letter is issued to you offering you a grant and highlighting the further steps you need to take before your grant can be paid.
  • A Refusal letter detailing the reason(s) for refusal. This letter is issued to you stating you are refused a grant. This letter will also highlight the further steps you may take if you wish to request a review or appeal your grant decision. These steps are also outlined in the Review your Grant Decision and or Appeal Your Grant Decision processes. 
  • A Checklist letter requesting new supporting documents (if any are required). You must supply the requested documents to enable us to complete the processing of your application.