2023/24 Payment Dates

To ensure you receive your first payment as soon as possible, SUSI makes weekly payments from the first scheduled payment and will continue to do so throughout the academic year. Payments are made on Thursdays and you must be confirmed as registered by your college at least one week prior to the next payment.

You can see your payment date online in the payment schedule of your SUSI student portal once the payment has been processed.

The payment dates schedule for the 2023/24 academic year will be as follows.

Higher Education Students

Month Payment Date  Payment Day
September 14 September 2023 Thursday
October 12 October 2023 Thursday
November 09 November 2023 Thursday
December 14 December 2023 Thursday
January 11 January 2024 Thursday
February 15 February 2024 Thursday
March 14 March 2024 Thursday
April 11 April 2024 Thursday
May 16 May 2024 Thursday

PLC Students

For PLC students SUSI confirms attendance with your college each month at least one week prior to the scheduled payment date. Payment will only be made once attendance has been confirmed by the college.

Month Payment Date  Payment Day
October 19 October 2023 Thursday
November 16 November 2023 Thursday
December 14 December 2023 Thursday
January 18 January 2024 Thursday
February 22 February 2024 Thursday
March 21 March 2024 Thursday
April 18 April 2024 Thursday
May 23 May 2024 Thursday
June 13 June 2024 Thursday


Frequently Asked Questions

SUSI will be issuing weekly payments from September to December to ensure all eligible students registered with and confirmed by their college receive their maintenance grant. Payments are made on Thursdays so to see if you are due to receive a payment in a given week, check the payments schedule in the My Payments section of your SUSI student portal on the Thursday of that week.

If your application is awarded after the first scheduled payment date or your registration is confirmed after the first scheduled payment date, you will receive any back payments due in your first payment.

Yes, you can change or amend your bank details in your student portal. You should allow at least one week for the change to take affect before a scheduled payment date.

Maintenance grants can only be paid to PLC students in the following circumstances:

  1. Your application has been awarded and you have received an award letter from SUSI;
  2. You have submitted your bank details through your SUSI account;
  3. The institution you are attending has confirmed satisfactory attendance each month.

If you previously completed a period of study at the same or higher level as your current awarded course, the amount of maintenance grant and/or fees you are awarded will be affected. You will not be paid for the months you have previously completed.

Example: You previously completed 3 months of a level 7 course. You are now applying for a grant for a different level 7 course. Provided you meet all eligibility criteria, you will only be eligible for 6 payments instead of the full 9 payments and will need to complete a repeat period of study of 3 months before you can receive your first payment.

Fee grants are paid directly to the college or institution on your behalf.