University of Limerick

Course Code Course Description Course Level
LM002 Arts 8
LM019 Social Sciences 8
LM020 Law and Accounting 8
LM028 Criminal Justice 8
LM029 Law Plus 8
LM038 Psychology and Sociology 8
LM039 Journalism and Digital Communication 8
LM040 European Studies 8
LM044 Applied Languages 8
LM050 Business Studies (options) 8
LM056 International Business 8
LM058 Financial Mathematics 8
LM063 Technology Management 8
LM066 Environmental Science 8
LM068 Food Science and Health 8
LM076 Product Design and Technology (Portfolio) 8
LM077 Aeronautical Engineering 8
LM082 Construction Management and Engineering 8
LM089 Sport and Exercise Sciences 8
LM090 Physical Education with concurrent Teacher Education 8
LM091 Languages with concurrent Teacher Education 8
LM092 Science with concurrent Teacher Education 8
LM093 Equine Science 8
LM094 Graphics and Construction Technology with concurrent Teacher Education 8
LM095 Graphics, Engineering and Technology with concurrent Teacher Education 8
LM096 Science with concurrent Teacher Education (Physical Sciences with Chemistry and Physics) 8
LM097 Mathematics and Computer Science with concurrent Teacher Education 8
LM099 Architecture 8
LM100 Physiotherapy 8
LM102 Psychology 8
LM103 Paramedic Studies (Full B/Provisional C1 Drivers Licence) 8
LM105 Exercise & Health Fitness Management 8
LM115 Chemical and Biochemical Engineering 8
LM116 Engineering (Biomedical or Civil or Design & Manufacture or Mechanical) 8
LM118 Electronic and Computer Engineering 8
LM121 Computer Science (Common Entry) 8
LM122 Creative Media and Interaction Design 8
LM123 Biological and Chemical Sciences 8
LM124 Mathematics 8
LM125 Physics (Applied Physics or Mathematics & Physics) 8
LM131 BA in Irish Music  (Audition required) 8
LM132 BA in Irish Dance  (Audition required) 8
LM133 BA in Contemporary Dance  (Audition required) 8
LM134 BA in Voice  (Audition required) 8
LM135 BA in World Music  (Audition required) 8
LM150 General Nursing 8
LM152 Mental Health Nursing 8
LM154 Intellectual Disability Nursing 8
LM156 Midwifery 8
LM173 Immersive Software Engineering (Portfolio) 8
LM174 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 8
LM180 Equine Science 8