TU Dublin – City Campus

Course Code Course Description Course Level
TU641 Bar and Restaurant Management 6
TU643 Culinary Arts (Professional Cookery Practice) 6
TU645 Food Science and Management 6
TU654 Pharmacy Technician Studies 6
TU673 Business Management 6
TU674 Business and Finance 6
TU675 Marketing 6
TU676 Retail Management and Marketing 6
TU701 Automation Engineering 7
TU703 Building Engineering 7
TU704 Civil Engineering 7
TU705 Electrical and Control Engineering 7
TU706 Electrical Services Engineering 7
TU709 Engineering (General Entry) Bolton Street 7
DT709 Engineering (General Entry) Grangegorman 7
TU714 Electronics and Communications Engineering 7
TU716 Networking Technologies 7
TU717 Mechanical Engineering 7
TU720 Automotive Management and Technology 7
TU721 Aviation Technology 7
TU731 Auctioneering, Valuation and Estate Agency 7
TU741 Baking and Pastry Arts Management 7
TU745 Hospitality Management 7
TU747 Tourism Management 7
TU751 Biosciences 7
TU754 Industrial and Environmental Physics 7
TU755 Science (General Entry) 7
TU761 Ophthalmic Dispensing 7
TU762 Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences 7
TU795 Visual Merchandising and Display (Portfolio) 7
TU802 Electrical Services and Energy Management 8
TU805 Engineering (General Entry) Bolton Street 8
DT805 Engineering (General Entry) Grangegorman 8
TU811 Product Design Bolton Street 8
DT811 Product Design Grangegorman  8
TU814 Sustainable Transport Management 8
TU831 Architectural Technology 8
TU832 Architecture (Suitability Test and Interview with Portfolio) 8
TU833 Construction Management 8
TU834 Geospatial Surveying 8
TU835 Planning and Environmental Management 8
TU836 Property Economics (Valuation Surveying) 8
TU837 Quantity Surveying and Construction Economics 8
TU838 Sustainable Timber Technology 8
TU851 Analytical Chemistry (Environmental Forensic and Pharmaceutical) 8
TU852 Chemical Sciences with Medicinal Chemistry 8
TU854 Science (General Entry) 8
TU855 Science with Nanotechnology 8
TU856 Computer Science 8
TU857 Computer Science (Infrastructure) 8
TU858 Computer Science (International) 8
TU866 Biomedical and Molecular Diagnostics 8
TU867 Medical Science 8
TU868 Clinical Measurement Science 8
TU869 Environmental Health 8
TU870 Human Nutrition and Dietetics 8
TU871 Optometry 8
TU872 Public Health Nutrition 8
TU874 Mathematical Sciences (also leading to Industrial Mathematics) 8
TU875 Pharmaceutical Healthcare 8
TU877 Physics Technology 8
TU878 Physics with Energy and Environment 8
TU879 Physics with Medical Physics and Bioengineering 8
TU880 Physics with Data Science 8
TU881 Food Innovation 8
TU882 Nutraceuticals in Health and Nutrition 8
TU903 Business and Management 8
TU904 Business and Law 8
TU905 Economics and Finance 8
TU906 Human Resource Management 8
TU907 Logistics and Supply Chain Management 8
TU910 Accounting 8
TU912 Business Analytics 8
TU914 Business Computing 8
TU917 Law (LL.B.) with a Language 8
TU918 Law (LL.B.) 8
TU922 Marketing 8
TU924 E-Commerce in Retailing 8
TU925 Retail and Services Management 8
TU942 Culinary Arts 8
TU943 Culinary Entrepreneurship 8
TU944 Culinary Science 8
TU952 International Hospitality Management 8
TU953 Tourism and Digital Marketing 8
TU954 Event Management 8
TU955 Sports and Leisure Management 8
TU961 Commercial Modern Music (BIMM) 8
TU962 Drama (Performance - Audition) 8
TU963 Music (Audition) 8
TU965 International Business and Languages 8
TU967 Languages and International Tourism 8
TU973 Design - Visual Communication (Portfolio) 8
TU974 Fine Art (Portfolio) 8
TU975 Interior Design (Portfolio) 8
TU976 Photography (Portfolio) 8
TU978 Creative Industries and Visual Culture 8
TU983 Film and Broadcasting 8
TU984 Game Design 8
TU985 Journalism 8
TU995 Early Childhood Education 8
TU996 Social Care 8