Repayments Policy

Where any grant overpayment occurs, SUSI is obliged to seek repayment from the student or the institution. An overpayment may relate to either a maintenance grant paid directly to the student or to a student contribution or other fee grant paid to an institution on the student’s behalf.

Recovery of overpayments will be undertaken in accordance with the following:

  • Section 24 (1-3) of the Student Support Act 2011; and
  • The relevant article of the Student Grant Scheme of the relevant academic year.

Repayment Process

When an overpayment comes to SUSI’s attention, SUSI will:

  • Inform you of the decision to adjust your grant award or rescind your grant award.
  • Inform you of the overpayment amount and request repayment;
  • Provide you with a Grant Repayment Option Form, which will request details of your preferred repayment option and which should be signed and returned to SUSI within two weeks. Should you wish to make a full repayment, complete Grant Repayment Form Option 1 Download PDF. Should you wish to repay in instalments, complete Grant Repayment Form Option 2 Download PDF. SUSI is open to agreeing a range of repayment options but subject to a minimum instalment payment value.

Once you have returned your Grant Repayment Option Form containing repayment terms that are acceptable to SUSI, a Statement of Agreed Terms and Conditions will be issued to you confirming:

  • Total amount to be repaid;
  • Number, value and frequency of instalments to be repaid;
  • SUSI payment methods/bank details as appropriate.    

When the final payment has been received, SUSI will issue a confirmation of receipt on all payments.