Review your Grant Decision

Review your Grant Decision

How to Review your Grant Decision

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your grant application, you can request a review of the decision based on the following points. 

  • Adjacent/Non-Adjacent rate
  • Reassessment of your total reckonable household income if you feel it has been incorrectly assessed
  • Special Rate of grant 
  • Change of Circumstances
    • Loss of employment or permanent reduction in salary
    • Retirement
    • Cessation of business if self-employed
    • Nationality or immigration status
    • Number of dependent children residing in the household
    • Sibling attending further or higher education
    • Change of course
    • Change in your ordinary permanent residence.

Request a Review

You can request a review of the decision by contacting the Support Desk at 0818 888 777 or emailing

Give as much information as possible about why the outcome, in your opinion, is incorrect. You may later receive a letter requesting additional documentation to support any information given.

If your review request results in a change to your original grant decision, you will be advised of this and the appropriate amendments will be made to your application.