Ollscoil Teicneolaíochta na Sionainne: Lár Tíre larthar Láir: Bhaile Átha Luain

Course Code Course Description Course Level
US660 Pharmacy Technician 6
US661 Dental Nursing 6
US700 Graphic Design (portfolio) 7
US704 Music and Sound Engineering 7
US711 Computer Engineering with Network Infrastructure 7
US712 Software Design with Artificial Intelligence for Cloud Computing 7
US713 Software Design with Virtual Reality and Gaming 7
US714 Computer Engineering 7
US715 Software Design with Digitalisation 7
US720 Business 7
US724 Digital Marketing 7
US731 Biotechnology 7
US733 Pharmaceutical Sciences (Drug Development and Analysis) 7
US738 Veterinary Nursing 7
US761 Civil Engineering 7
US770 Mechanical Engineering 7
US772 Mechanical Engineering with Energy 7
US773 Engineering  (Common Entry to US 770/US 772/US 776/ US 777) 7
US776 Automation and Robotics 7
US777 Polymer and Mechanical Engineering 7
US780 Early Childhood Education and Care  7
US782 Applied Social Studies in Social Care 7
US788 Exercise and Health Science 7
US802 Animation and Illustration (portfolio) 8
US803 Graphic and Digital Design (portfolio) 8
US809 Music and Sound Engineering 8
US821 Software Design with Virtual Reality and Gaming 8
US822 Software Design with Artificial Intelligence for Cloud Computing 8
US823 Software Design with Digitalisation 8
US824 Computer Engineering for Network Infrastructure 8
US829 Computer Engineering for Robotics 8
US840 Business 8
US844 Digital Marketing 8
US846 Accounting with Finance 8
US847 Accounting with Finance (with Placement) 8
US848 Business and Law 8
US850 Law 8
US853 International Business 8
US861 Biotechnology 8
US862 Microbiology 8
US865 Pharmacology 8
US866 Pharmaceutical Sciences 8
US867 Bioveterinary Science 8
US877 General Nursing 8
US878 Mental Health Nursing 8
US880 Quantity Surveying 8
US884 Construction Management 8
US887 Civil Engineering 8
US910 Mechanical Engineering 8
US912 Mechanical Engineering with Energy 8
US913 Polymer and Mechanical  Engineering 8
US916 Automation and Robotics 8
US921 Social Care Practice 8
US925 Applied Psychology 8
US926 Early Childhood Education and Care  8
US930 Culinary Entrepreneurship 8
US932 Hospitality Management (with International Placement) 8
US950 Nutrition and Health Science 8
US951 Sports Science with Exercise Physiology 8
US952 Sports Management (with International Placement) 8
US956 Athletic and Rehabilitation Therapy 8
US957 Physical Activity and Health Science 8