Ollscoil Teicneloaíochta na Mumhan Corcaigh

Course Code Course Description Course Level
MT510 Recreation and Leisure Management 7
MT550 Business (Common Entry) 7
MT551 Business Technology and Communications 7
MT552 Tourism Management 7
MT553 Beverage Industry Management 7
MT554 Hospitality Management 7
MT555 Culinary Arts 7
MT572 Early Childhood Care and Education 7
MT573 Social Care Work 7
MT575 Community Development 7
MT655 Culinary Studies 6
MT700 Software Development 7
MT705 Information Technology 7
MT731 Civil Engineering 7
MT736 Mechanical Engineering 7
MT739 Biomedical Engineering 7
MT745 Electrical Engineering 7
MT746 Electronic Engineering 7
MT747 Automotive Technology and Management 7
MT750 Agriculture (In year one students spend two days in Clonakilty Agricultural College and three days in Cork Campus) 7
MT758 Construction  (Common Entry) 7
MT759 Architectural Technology 7
MT760 Interior Architecture 7
MT761 Environmental Engineering 7
MT764 Marine Engineering 7
MT765 Marine Electrotechnology 7
MT766 Nautical Science 7
MT770 Physical Sciences (Common Entry) 7
MT774 Analytical and Pharmaceutical Chemistry 7
MT775 Applied Biosciences 7
MT782 Applied Physics and Instrumentation 7
MT800 Software Development 8
MT802 Computer Systems 8
MT805 I.T. Management 8
MT820 Contemporary Applied Art (Ceramics, Glass, Textiles - portfolio) 8
MT821 Fine Art (portfolio) 8
MT822 Photography with New Media 8
MT823 Visual Communications (portfolio) 8
MT824 Creative Digital Media 8
MT830 Engineering (Common Entry) 8
MT831 Structural Engineering 8
MT833 Instrument Engineering 8
MT836 Mechanical Engineering 8
MT837 Sustainable Energy Engineering 8
MT838 Chemical and Biopharmaceutical Engineering 8
MT839 Biomedical Engineering 8
MT844 Smart Product Engineering 8
MT845 Electrical Engineering 8
MT846 Electronic Engineering 8
MT847 Automotive Business Management and Technology 8
MT856 Construction Management 8
MT857 Quantity Surveying 8
MT859 Architectural Technology 8
MT860 Interior Architecture 8
MT870 Physical Sciences (Common Entry) 8
MT871 Biomedical Science (offered jointly MTU Cork Campus and UCC) 8
MT873 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology 8
MT874 Analytical Chemistry with Quality Assurance 8
MT875 Biological Sciences (Common Entry) 8
MT876 Nutrition and Health Science 8
MT878 Environmental Science and Sustainable Technology 8
MT879 Agri-Biosciences 8
MT910 Sport and Exercise Management 8
MT915 Coaching Science and Sports Pedagogy 8
MT930 Home Economics and Business (First three years in MTU; Final two years in UCC) 8
MT931 Popular Music - Electric Guitar (entrance assessment) 8
MT932 Popular Music - Electric Bass (entrance assessment) 8
MT933 Popular Music - Keyboards (entrance assessment) 8
MT934 Popular Music - Drums (entrance assessment) 8
MT935 Popular Music - Voice (entrance assessment) 8
MT936 Music (entrance assessment) 8
MT938 Musical Theatre (entrance assessment) 8
MT939 Theatre and Drama Studies (entrance assessment) 8
MT942 Accounting 8
MT943 Marketing 8
MT944 Business Information Systems 8
MT945 International Business with Language 8
MT947 Tourism Management 8
MT948 Hospitality Management 8
MT970 Montessori Education 8