Ollscoil Gaillimh

Course Code Course Description Course Level
GY101 Arts (Joint-Honours) 8
GY104 BSc (Psychology) 8
GY105 Arts (History) 8
GY109 Arts (Mathematics and Education) 8
GY110 Arts (Children and Youth Studies - options) 8
GY111 Arts (English and Creative Writing) 8
GY113 Arts with Human Rights 8
GY118 Arts (Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies) 8
GY119 Arts (Journalism) 8
GY122 Na Dána (Cumarsáid agus Gaeilge) 8
GY123 BSc (Social Science) 8
GY125 Arts (Digital Arts and Technology) 8
GY127 Arts (Film and Digital Media) 8
GY128 Arts (Global Languages) 8
GY129 Arts (Global Experience) 8
GY130 Arts (Music) 8
GY132 Government (Politics, Economics and Law) 8
GY133 Education (Computer Science and Mathematical Studies) 8
GY134 BSc (Geography and Geosystems) 8
GY135 Arts (Global Media) 8
GY136 Gaeilge agus Léann an Aistriúcháin 8
GY137 Arts (Child, Youth and Family: Policy and Practice) 8
GY201 Commerce 8
GY202 Commerce (International) with French 8
GY203 Commerce (International) with German 8
GY204 Commerce (International) with Spanish 8
GY206 Business Information Systems (Work Placement and Optional Int`l Study) 8
GY207 Commerce (Accounting) including optional Global Experience year 8
GY208 Commerce (Gaeilge) 8
GY209 Commerce (Global Experience) 8
GY250 Law (BCL) and Business 8
GY251 Law (BCL) 8
GY252 Law (BCL) and Human Rights 8
GY254 Law (BCL), Criminology and Criminal Justice 8
GY261 Business Studies (International Hotel Management - interview) 8
GY262 Commerce (International Hotel Management - interview) 8
GY301 Science 8
GY303 Biomedical Science 8
GY304 Biotechnology 8
GY308 Environmental Science 8
GY309 Financial Mathematics and Economics 8
GY310 Marine Science 8
GY313 Occupational Health and Safety Management 8
GY314 Earth and Ocean Sciences 8
GY318 Biopharmaceutical Chemistry 8
GY319 Mathematical Science 8
GY320 Physics 8
GY321 Genetics and Genomics 8
GY322 Agricultural Science 8
GY350 Computer Science and Information Technology 8
GY401 Engineering (Undenominated) 8
GY402 Civil Engineering 8
GY405 Mechanical Engineering 8
GY406 Electronic and Computer Engineering 8
GY408 Biomedical Engineering 8
GY410 Project and Construction Management 8
GY413 Energy Systems Engineering 8
GY414 Electrical and Electronic Engineering 8
GY501 Medicine (five year/six year course - HPAT required) 8
GY502 Occupational Therapy 8
GY503 Speech and Language Therapy 8
GY504 Podiatric Medicine 8
GY515 General Nursing (Galway and Portiuncula) 8
GY516 Mental Health Nursing 8
GY517 Midwifery 8