Cancelling Your Application

If you need to cancel your application for any reason, for example:

  • You are not attending your college/course and have confirmed this prior to commencement of the 22/23 academic year;
  • You are withdrawing /deferring your course during the  22/23 academic year;
  • You need to reapply and make a new application under a different class of applicant or because your application was missing important information, such as your parent’s/ guardian’s/spouse’s details.


You should take the following steps:

  • Log in to your online account on
  • Select ‘My Requests’ from the home page.

  • Complete the cancellation request.
    • i.e. Name, W number, email address, cancellation reason.
  • Hit the “Submit” button to send the request to SUSI.
  • Once your application is cancelled you will be sent a cancellation letter confirming this.


Please note the following:
Cancellation of an application is not an appealable decision.
If you have started your course but have decided to withdraw or defer, please include the date of your de-registration from college. If you leave your course, it is important you inform SUSI immediately.
Please keep your account login details in a safe place (username, password, PIN code and registered email address), as you will need them should you wish to apply for a grant from SUSI in the future.